The Less-Waste Project II

Project Title

Development of an Action Plan for the Management of Bio-wastes at the Cross-Border Region

Brief description

The overall aim of the LESS-WASTE-II project is to promote waste prevention through a more sustainable and efficient management of bio-degradable wastes in the Greexe – Republic of North Macedonia cross-border area and by targeting organic waste from rural and urban households, food waste from individual households and restaurants, and, green waste. The project’s actions combine both regional (centralized) and local (decentralized, separation-at-source) actions in accordance with the strategy laid out of Local and Regional Waste Management plans in the area and aim at reducing the volume of waste going to land filling (indic. target rate for the recovery of the organic fraction of solid waste in the Greek part of the area being 20% by 2018, when the project ends).
The project relates to the wider challenges of improving waste management practices in order to minimize waste in the area and improve overall resource efficiency, in line with the Programme’s objectives (August 2015), the EU Landfill Directive, and the Circular Economy package adopted by the EU in Dec 2015. The activities and outputs foreseen introduce home-composting and separate collection of the organic fraction of urban waste (separation-at-source) to local residents and municipalities; they demonstrate new and sustainable ways of management and re-utilization of bio-wastes to local authorities and vocational groups through trainings and demonstrations. The project’s actions are located at municipalities along the borderline of the Prespa Lakes and the adjacent plains of Resen and Florina, representing the most environmentally characteristic area of the western part of the Programme area, known for its vast, varied and mostly unspoiled natural environment.

Project Partners

Waste Management of Western Macedonia DIADYMA SA (Greece)
Lead Beneficiary
Budget: 174,351.78 €

Municipality of Prespes (Greece)
Budget: 95,297.30 €

Municipality of Amynteo (Greece)
Budget: 103,625.80 €

Municipality of Florina (Greece)
Budget: 102,342.00 €

Municipality of Resen (Repubic of North Macedonia)
Budget: 86,545.80 €

Public Communal Enterprise “Proleter” (Repubic of North Macedonia)
Budget: 147,000.00 €

Project Info

Budget:  709.162,68€,
Duration: 24 months,
Signature Date of the Subsidy Contract: 14/06/2018