Distribution of the household biowaste bins in the Municipality of Amyntaio


The LESS-WASTE-II project aiming to promote waste prevention through a more sustainable and efficient management of bio-degradable wastes, by targeting organic waste from rural and urban households, food waste from individual households and restaurants, and, green waste.

In the framework of the main project’s goal, on June 18 and 19, 2020, Municipality of Amyntaio proceeded with the distribution of household bins (with capacity of 10 lt). The bins will be useful for the collection of kitchen biowaste at homes in order to implement the new biowaste management system and especially compost. The event was also aiming at educating and raisining awareness of the residents on recycling issues. For that puprose during the distribution event there was a brief update on the benefits of composting and how to use the bins (these special info was also delivered within a brochure). Composting is a natural process that converts organic matter into a rich dark substance called compost or humus or soil conditioner.

The same event will also take place in the Municipality of Florina and Municipality of Prespes.


household bins

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